QR Codes

More people are wondering these days: Do QR codes really increase response rates when adding one to your printing, direct mailing, or packaging?

One of our clients used QR codes to launch their first print catalog in San Francisco, California. The objective was to build awareness and promote the brand through a direct mail sweepstakes that gave away a 2-night trip to Napa Valley’s famous Sonoma Mission Inn. Recipients could enter the contest either by logging directly onto our client’s website or by using a QR code found in the mailing we printed and mailed for them.  The QR code led the consumer directly to the sweepstakes page.  Once the consumer was in the link, it gave the company a unique way to market their brand.  It promoted their pricing and product in a way they were not able to capture the consumer before.   

The results were quite interesting:
•    50% traffic increase to the Home Page after the consumer entered the contest
•    80% of QR code respondents entered the competition
•    25% higher website Click-through on “Services” and “About-Us” tabs

Admittedly, not every campaign gives away free trips, but there are many other offers that would also work. QR codes allow a company to direct consumers to exactly the platform they are marketing.  QR Codes are not just another URL, but rather a targeted way to put your product, service, or self directly in front of the consumer’s eyes.  

At ImageX we have the ability to create any combination of QR codes and add them to any of your printing or promotional items.  It’s a quick and free option to open up a new platform of marketing.  

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