PURL’s of Wisdom

You may be one of those savvy business representatives or salespeople, possibly even a marketer who doesn't know as much as they should know about PURL's. Yes, indeed, the PURL is a mini site, but it is also a powerful tool...

By definition, personalized URL's are unique and pre-generated URL for print or email recipients. These recipients get taken into a magical vortex of personalization, familiarity, understanding, effective communication and so forth. Based on the demographic information, or anything else that exists in a marketer's database, the site takes on the customer's identity.

The personalized URL has a four part structure: a landing page/home page, a survey page, information page and a thank you page. This self-contained architecture is unique to these applications.

The term has been misused and mixed up with the concept of sites that created from static URL's. Some marketing tactics have relayed the concept of PURL's into a site that is user personalizable, but in this case, the URL itself is generic. Another model, commonly confused with the Personalized URL is the approach data acquisition model which captures personal and demographic information on visitors in order to target them. Similarly, Response Tracking URL's create multiple landing pages to track different types of data for geographic locations, messages or to test elements of the campaign.

So, why are personalized URLs so compelling to marketers versus banner or newspaper ads? Well the PURL is not a broadcast medium, rather it enables a dialog with a well-defined target audience, often this is the customer base or a prospect customer with a similar profile to the existing customer. The campaign does not necessarily need to sell something off the bat; it could solicit information but only to dialog and use for target communications in the future.

PURL's, otherwise known as targeted solutions to marketing goals, are an excellent avenue for the generation of a pre-qualified list of prospects, sales presentations and to trigger cross-sell products among many other uses. Contact your ImageX team to understand how a PURL may benefit your business and marketing agenda.

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