What’s in the Box?

What you should know about multi-lingual package inserts.
Medical Device manufacturers in the USA aim at the European market as a way to expand their global sales growth.  Medical Device products, unlike most of the pharmaceutical products, are usually manufactured in the US and shipped to distribution centers in the European countries.  This creates a demand for multi-lingual package inserts (IFU’s), folding cartons, labels and manuals.
Multi-lingual package inserts may require large format printing and folding depending upon the amount of copy required for as many as 11 languages on a package insert.  These create challenges that are met by the ImageX team. We look at the flat size of the IFU and the required folded size to determine the weight of the paper to be needed to be able to fold to the required size.  Many times this requires the use of a web press and lightweight pharmaceutical paper, generally 27# pharma grade.  This light weight paper cannot be printed using a sheet fed offset press, but is ideal for a web press.
The folding operation is the next important consideration.  ImageX offers folders that can start with a paper size up to 27”  x  39” and fold it down to 2 – ≤”  x  3 – π” using the 27# stock.  There would be 120 panels in the folded IFU, with this extreme example.  The majority of the IFU’s do not either require flat sizes this large or a folded size this small, however, there is a solution for all the sizes needed by the customer.
Many IFU’s have smaller sizes and can be printed on heavier 50# stock in small quantities using either a digital or offset sheet fed press.  The folding may require only a final size requiring eight to twelve panels and can either be printed black only or 4-color process.
Enter the global market by letting ImageX be your Go-to-source for your multi-lingual printing needs.

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