Manage Your Brand Colors

Is there an easy way to manage brand colors so they look consistent on everything: website, marketing materials, promotional items and company apparel?

The simple answer: When developing a logo make sure your designer picks colors for your Corporate Palette that visually appear the same between Pantone Pigment call-outs, 4 Color Process (CMYK) and RGB conversions. Ask your designer to utilize the Pantone Bridge series of colors which show the designer and the client just how close the conversion will come. Very brilliant PMS colors, which are made with special ink pigments (especially brilliant blues) are generally difficult to convert exactly to CMYK.

If you have various printed materials, some of which are small quantities and might be run on a digital press, and some which print in larger quantities which will run on an offset sheet-fed press or web, then initially choosing colors that look the same across all platforms is ideal.

If you already have your corporate colors and have been having trouble with color consistency across various platforms, there are solutions which ImageX can provide. We’ll analyze your colors and work with you and our production facilities to provide you test digital swatches and ink drawdowns on your materials before we get started. We want to make sure we’ve got your color dialed in!

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